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Your Home quite possibly represents your most valued asset. However, it is exposed to certain contingencies that put it at risk, that is to say, your home is subject to a series of risks, consequences of which could represent important economic impairment, which you should indeed protect.

Identify your insurance needs for the home and contract them with our covers. Quite surely this is in your interest.

For the entire family what is most important and absolutely fundamental is the home in which they live. In many cases this home is part of a community of proprietors, which gathers together all the common interests that the different proprietors have between each other.

However, there are risks that put the habitability and comfort that every community is to provide for its proprietors and their families at risk on a daily basis. These risks give rise to a series of expenses that, even distributed between all the proprietors, continue to represent important amounts.

With SEGURMEDIA’s insurance policies for communities all economic consequences arising from an accident that is covered by the policy will be duly compensated, the same with an extensive and flexible formula and with a series of options that adapt to the needs of each Community.

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