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 Who are we?


SegurMedia SL is an insurance brokerage company that has been offering its services for over 20 years, the same duly registered at the Chamber of Trade and Industry of the Balearic Islands, adapted to Law 9/92 on Mediation of Private Insurance and counting with administrative authorisation from the Directorate General for Private Insurance.

Our professional work is sustained on a clear vocation to customer service and attention, the same from the strictest of independence with regards to the insurance firms in which we place our risks.

  We objectively analyseall possibilities that the insurance market has to offer, to thus defend our clients’ interests with insurance covers in which the quality-price ratio is both optimal and adequate to their needs and characteristics.


  We representour clients before the insurance firms, overseeing all signed policies, this being with the object that their efficiency will neither be reduced nor diminished over time, apart from monitoring the appearance of new technologically superior and more adequate products.


  We also provide counselling services,legally assisting our clients and processing any possible accidents, supervising that resolutions taken by the insurance firms adhere to the terms agreed-upon in the policies.


We provide counselling services for all types of risks, be these individual or company, so that your assets will never suffer irreparable losses.